What are the Handball Game Rules ?

What are the Handball Game Rules ?

Brief Summary of What is Handball ?

"Handball is an exciting sport that has great popularity around the world with its dynamism and competitive structure. Its fast-paced game structure and tactical richness, emphasizing team spirit, attract the attention of sports lovers. The great distance that handball has covered throughout history has led to the establishment of professional leagues in many countries and It has made it possible to organize international tournaments.In this article, we will discuss the basic game rules of the handball branch.

How Many People Can Play Handball ?  

Handball is a very fast and enjoyable sport that has various rules and is played by hand. In handball, two teams of 7 players compete, 6 on the field and 1 in the goal.

What are the Field Dimensions in Handball ?

The handball field is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide.                        

What are the Handball Goal Dimensions ?

Handball Goal is to score goals by hand on goals that are 3 meters long and 2 meters high.

How Many Player Changes Are There in Handball ?

There is an unlimited right to substitute players in handball. The player to be substituted can enter and exit the game from the sidelines within the lines determined for him, and the game cannot be stopped during the substitution.

How Many Minutes Does Handball Take to Play ?

The handball game is played in two 30-minute halves for a total of 60 minutes.

What are the Features of Handball Penalty Court ?

In handball, goalkeepers can move freely and touch the ball at any point within the penalty area, which is painted in a contrasting color within the goal penalty area line, 6 meters away from the goal. No other athletes can enter this area reserved for goalkeepers. (Only offensive players can step outside the line, shoot in the air and step on the ground of this area after the ball leaves their hands.) Additionally, only goalkeepers can touch the ball that is standing or rolling on the ground.

What are the Handball Game Rules ?


What is the Distance of the Penalty Point to the Goal in Handball ?

There is also a penalty point 7 meters away from the goal. The athlete who will make a 7-meter penalty shot must make this shot without jumping within 3 seconds after the whistle blows.

How to Use a Foul Shot in Handball ?

The 9-meter line, which is determined by dashed lines 9 meters away from the goal, indicates that the attacking team on which a foul has been committed must take the foul shot from behind this line. (all offensive players must stand behind this line when committing a foul)

After the draw decides who will start the match, the game starts from the midfield. During the game, players cannot touch the ball with their lower knees or feet. The ball in the hands of an athlete who holds the ball with both hands cannot be intercepted. Within the framework of the rules, after a goal is scored into the opponent's goal, the team that conceded a goal starts the game from the midfield.

When the ball goes out of the playing field from the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper starts the game. When the ball goes out of the opponent's hands, the team that starts the game is the attacking team.

During the game, athletes can dribble as much as they want with one hand. After holding the ball with one hand, a maximum of 3 steps can be taken. After taking 3 steps, the ball must be hit on the ground again, passed or shot at the goal. After bouncing the ball, if the ball is held with both hands, it cannot be bounced again. (In this case, a pass must be made or a shot must be taken at the goal.) After the ball is caught, it can be held for a maximum of 3 seconds, otherwise the ball is given to the opposing team.

The ball can be taken from the opponent player with open hands without hitting or forcing. Although it is free to block the opponent with the body, hanging, pulling and loading are prohibited. Such fouls are illegal and punished with a free throw. If an obvious goal opportunity is prevented by a foul, a 7 meter penalty is applied.

What are the Features of Handball Balls ?

Size 1 Handball Ball: These are the ball sizes determined by the IHF that male athletes in the 8-12 age group and female athletes in the 8-14 age group can play. Its circumference is 50-52 cm. The weight of a number one handball ball is between 290-330 grams.

Size 2 Handball Ball: These are the ball sizes determined by the IHF that male athletes between the ages of 12-16 and female athletes over the age of 14 can play with. Its circumference is 54-56 cm. The weight of a size two handball ball is between 325-375 grams.

Size 3 Handball Ball: These are the ball sizes determined by the IHF that male athletes aged 16 and over can play. Its circumference is 58-60 cm. The weight of a size three handball ball is between 425-475 grams.

What is the Penalty System in Handball ?

In handball, there are yellow cards, 2-minute penalties and red cards. Referees may apply incremental penalties depending on the severity of the fouls. These penalties include verbal warnings, yellow cards, 2-minute penalties and red cards. A red card may be given for serious unsportsmanlike actions and situations that threaten the health of athletes and referees.

The athlete who received a 2-minute penalty leaves his team alone for two minutes, the player who received this penalty comes to the side and waits for the 2-minute penalty to end, no one can replace this athlete during this period. If his team concedes a goal during this period, the player can immediately re-enter the game. A player who has received three two-minute penalties is expelled from the game with a red card.

Additionally, if an extra player enters the field of play or a substitute player interferes with the game from the substitution area, a 2-minute time penalty is imposed. In such a case, the team removes another player from the field of play for 2 minutes, apart from the extra player entering the game. If a player whose 2-minute time penalty is still in effect enters the field of play, a second time penalty will be imposed. The punishment of the player in this situation starts with the last penalty he received, and another player must be removed from the field of play for the remaining part of the first penalty.

If a team is not clearly attempting an attack, a warning is given to that team. If a situation still cools the game despite this warning, the passive attack whistle is blown and the ball is passed to the opposing team.

What are the Handball Game Rules ?


Handball In-Field Distribution Positions:

* Goalkeeper

* Right playmaker

* Left playmaker

* Middle Quarterback

* Right winger

* Left winger

* Pivot

Handball Terms

7 meter throw: It is a type of shot used after a foul committed against an offensive player in a position where he has a goal opportunity, and is also known as a penalty shot.

7 meter line: refers to the specific point where the penalty kick is taken.

Playmaker: A player who is at the center of the attack, directs the team's attack and makes penetrations towards the goal.

Crossover: It is a game tactic in which two players change places and directions by moving in diagonal directions.

Man-to-man defense: A defensive strategy in which each defender is directly responsible to one of the opposing offensive players.

Zone defense: It is a defensive tactic in which each defender takes responsibility to cover a certain area.

2-minute penalty: This is the situation where the team is penalized for 2 minutes as a result of certain rules and plays with one player missing during this period. The suspended player returns to the game at the end of the penalty period.

Dive shot: It is a shot made by jumping towards the goal without stepping on the penalty area line.

Overhand shot: It is a shooting technique in which the ball is thrown over the goalkeeper in a curved manner when the goalkeeper is ahead.

Spin shot: It is a type of shot that aims to change the direction of the ball and surprise the opponent goalkeeper when it is bounced to the ground by rotating the ball while leaving the hand.

9-meter line: It refers to the line where the free throw is made after a foul and all offensive players must start the game from above this line.

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