How to do Track and Field Javelin Throw

Track and field Javelin Throw


History of Javelin Throwing

What is Javelin Throw?

What are Javelin Measurements?

Javelin Throwing Technique

a. Starting Position b. Gaining Speed c. Pushing from the Ground d. Directional Control

Javelin Throwing Equipment

Things to Consider When Throwing Javelin

Famous Athletes Throwing Javelin

Athletics is an exciting sport in which people demonstrate their physical abilities and endurance. This article will provide information about javelin throwing, an event in Track and field. Javelin throwing is a discipline that requires strength, speed and technique. In this article, javelin throwing will be discussed in detail, starting from its history to javelin throwing techniques and things to consider.

                                            Track and field Javelin Throw                              

History of Javelin Throwing

Javelin throwing has a long history dating back thousands of years. Javelin, a weapon used in wars during the ancient Greek period, has become a sports activity over time. In the ancient times of the Olympic games, javelin throwing competitions attracted great attention and have survived to this day.

What is Javelin Throwing?

Javelin throwing is a distance throwing activity performed by an athlete towards a specific target. Athletes start from behind a line and try to throw the javelin as far as possible. This is accomplished by both a strong pushing motion and the use of correct techniques. The weight and length of the javelin must comply with established standards.

What are the Javelin Sizes?

Javelin material weight is 800 grams for older men and U20 men, (260-270 cm long)

U18 700 g for men, 600 g for older women (220-230 cm long)

Javelin throw:

How to Apply Javelin Throwing Technique?

Javelin throwing is a discipline that requires using correct techniques. Here are the basic steps of javelin throwing techniques:

 a. Starting Position: Javelin throwing begins with the correct starting position. The athlete places the javelin at a certain point and opens his feet shoulder-width apart. It is important to squat slightly to maintain balance.

 b. Gaining Speed: The athlete takes steps backwards to gain speed. These steps are done in a controlled manner to build speed and momentum.

c. Pushing from the Ground: After gaining speed, the athlete steps on the ground strongly in the last step and begins to push his body forward. The arms swing back, controlling the javelin.

d. Directional Control: When throwing the javelin, it is important to maintain correct directional control. The athlete attempts to direct the javelin towards the desired target by using his body weight and making correct foot arrangements.

Track and field Javelin Throw

Javelin Throwing Equipment

When throwing javelin, certain equipment must be used. These include a standard javelin, special javelin throwing shoes, gloves and appropriate clothing. Additionally, appropriate training areas and protective equipment are important to ensure the safety of athletes.

Things to Consider When Throwing Javelin

The discipline of javelin throwing requires a high level of technical knowledge and confidence. Some points that athletes should pay attention to are:

  • It is important to do adequate warm-up and stretching exercises.
  • It would be beneficial to get help from an expert trainer to learn the techniques correctly.
  • It is necessary to train regularly and do strengthening exercises to maintain body condition.
  • Proper nutrition and sleep patterns play an important role in improving performance.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to safety precautions and comply with safety rules in the throwing area.

Famous Athletes Who Achieved Success in Javelin Throwing

Many famous athletes in the world of Track and field have achieved great success in the javelin throwing discipline. Athletes from many countries have achieved success in the Olympics and world championships. For example, names such as Jan Zelezny, Uwe Hohn, Andreas Thorkildsen, Tero Pitkämäki and Barbora Špotáková have become famous in javelin throwing.

Javelin throwing is an exciting discipline for athletes. With a good training program, it is possible to learn and apply the correct techniques. However, as with any sport, it is important to take precautions to prevent injuries. It is important to do warm-up and cool-down exercises to prepare muscles and joints and increase flexibility. Additionally, using a javelin with the correct form and appropriate weight reduces the risk of injury.

As a result, javelin throwing is a discipline in Track and field that requires strength, speed and technique. It is important to learn the correct techniques, train regularly and use appropriate equipment. There are points that athletes must pay attention to in order to comply with safety rules and prepare their bodies correctly. It is important to consider these factors to achieve success in the exciting world of javelin throwing.

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