What are the Rules of Curling?

What are the Rules of the Curling Game ?

What are the Rules of the Curling Game ?

Curling is a traditional sport played on ice, dating back to ancient times. Curling, also known as ice chess, involves throwing specially designed granite stones by sliding them on the ice at targets called home. This sport, which many people do not recognize when they first hear it, has gained great interest and popularity around the world in recent years. In addition to curling being a sport played extensively especially in Northern European countries and Canada, various organizations and tournaments are also organized at the international level.

Curling is among the team sports and requires strategy, skill and team harmony. While players push special curling stones towards the target on the ice, their teammates play an important role in controlling the trajectory and speed of the stones. The main aim of the sport is to score as many points as possible by placing curling stones in certain areas or removing them from the opponent's stones.

This mysterious and exciting sport is a perfect combination of nature and competition, providing a fascinating experience for both players and spectators. In this article, we will talk about what curling sport is and its rules.

Curling History

The history of curling dates back to the 1500s. The game, which emerged in Scotland in those years, took part in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time in 1924. However, it was included in the Olympic Games program regularly with the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.

What are the Rules of the Curling Game ?


What is Curling ? How to Play Curling, What are the Game Rules ?

Curling is played on an ice area called a ring, which is 42 m long and 4.3 m wide. There are two areas called houses, formed by 4 interlocking circles at each end. The innermost small circle is called the button. The distance between the houses is 34.7 m.

The basic material of the curling game is a granite stone weighing 19.96 kg and the handle must be different for both teams. Another material is the brush, which allows the speed and direction control of this stone as it moves towards the target. There are also special gloves for the game, as well as clothes and shoes that allow them to move comfortably on the ice.

In curling, which involves the competition of two different teams, the teams consist of 4 people each. Athletes are named 1st, 2nd, 3rd and also captain. The athlete, who is the team captain, is responsible for the stones in the center of the house. He tries to score his own stones by sweeping the ground with the help of the brush in his hand, ensuring that the opponent's stones are out of number.

In other words, curling is an ice game based on the aim of delivering heavy stones to targets consisting of concentric circles. Strategy and mathematical intelligence are also at the forefront. After the first athlete reaches the hog line (6.4 m), the two athletes stand on the right and left of the stone and If necessary, they move with the stone and direct it with the brush in their hands, ensuring that it reaches the target.4. The athlete waits there at home.

What are the Rules of the Curling Game ?


In curling, an athlete throws the stone towards the target (before reaching the hog line), while the other two players sweep the ice sheet in front of them with the broom in their hands to better direct the stone. The captain waits at the house and directs the stone that reaches the house with a brush to score the number. The aim for both sides is to bring their own pieces to the closest point to the center. A close shot can be made to the target, or the opponent's stones can be thrown out of the target by hitting them.

In curling, there are 4 athletes in each team. In curling, which is played over 10 periods, each athlete has the right to throw two stones in one period. The stones are sent to the target respectively. At the end of a period, a total of 16 stones sent to the target are scored according to their proximity and distance to each other, and then the second period begins with the stones to be thrown in the opposite direction, and this rule is applied in all periods. Pieces outside the outermost circle are out of play and do not score. In scoring, the stone closest to the center first gets a point, then the opponent's closest stone is determined so that the other stones of the team that has scored a point can score. The more balls that are closer to the target scoring ball than the opponent's pieces, the more points that team gets. Only one team can score points in each half. The points to be received are evaluated according to the state of the opponent's stone. No points are given for tiles outside the circles.

How Many Circuits Is Curling Played ?

Competitions are played in 10 rounds, and after all athletes complete their shots, the competition continues in the reverse direction. All shots must be completed within 73 minutes. Scoring is done after the half and the superior team is deemed the winner at the end of 10 rounds. If there is a tie at the end of 10 games, another end is played as a tie break (overtime). If this overtime hand cannot break the tie, the last play continues until the tie is broken. Additionally, each team is entitled to two 60-second timeouts every 10 ends.

Curling Terms

End: The name given to a play in the match.

Ring: Playing field

Home: The center where the stone is targeted.

Curling stone: Granite stone weighing 19.96 kg.

Curling broom: Broom with a special base to guide the stone.

Hammer right: The right to take the last shot at the end

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