What is Darts ? What are the Darts Game Rules ?

What is Dart ? What are the Dart Game Rules ?

What is Darts ? What are the Darts Game Rules ?

Darts is a common sport played for entertainment and competitive purposes. The main aim of the game is to score the highest score possible by shooting arrows at target areas on a special dartboard. The sport of darts is widely played in a variety of social settings and at the professional level. The small circle in the center of the board represents the maximum score of 50 points, while the target areas outside the board have different point values. Players try to achieve their goals by combining their shots with precision, concentration and strategy. Darts is an enjoyable sport where both physical skills and mental focus are important.

In addition, its diverse structure in the form of team games and individual competitions allows players to compete on a platform suitable for different preferences. Darts sport opens the door to enjoyable times spent in a friendly environment with exciting competitions.

What is Dart ? What are the Dart Game Rules ?


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What are the Dartboard Dimensions ?

  • The center midpoint height of the dartboard from the ground is 1.73 meters. The dartboard should be hanging on a flat surface on the wall. The shooting line should be exactly 2.37 cm away from the target.
  • The dart target board has 3 separate number zones divided into 20 slices. Each slice has its corresponding number value (single).
  • The outermost thin ring is the 2-number region; The inner ring is called the 3-number region. In these regions, the point is worth 2 or 3 times its corresponding value.
  • While a maximum of 60 points (triples of 20) can be scored with a single arrow, a maximum of 3 arrows can be scored (180 points in total can be scored with 3 arrows corresponding to the triple of 20).
  • On the dart board, the green dot in the middle of the target board is worth 25 points and the red dot in the center is worth 50 points.

How Many People Can Play Darts ?

Darts can be played between two teams of 2 or 4 athletes, or it can be played individually.

How to Play Darts? What is the Purpose of Dart Game ?

Each athlete throws 3 darts. There are game types named such as 301, 501,701. You go backwards from the target score determined in the game. The aim of the darts game is to reset the game exactly.

In darts, players try to reach 0 (zero) by decreasing the total number (301,501 or 701) with each point they earn from the total of 3 darts they throw. Exact 0 must be reached to win. For the game to end, the last arrow must hit the double or triple area (varies depending on the game type).

If a number falls below 0 (zero), that number is considered invalid and this is called BUST. For example, if an athlete who is 40 points away from winning the match scores 45 points in total, he commits a BUST and the point is not deducted from his score and the right to shoot passes to the opponent.

During the game, it is forbidden to touch the arrows on the target board before the shots are completed and to reuse the arrows that have fallen on the ground. When scoring, arrows stuck in the board are taken into account, and arrows that fall to the ground later are considered invalid.

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