Futsal Game Rules ?

What are the Futsal Game Rules ?


What are the Futsal Game Rules?

Futsal, a fast-paced and exciting version of football, is an increasingly popular game type among sports enthusiasts. Futsal was born as a sport originating from South America in the mid-20th century and spread all over the world in a short time. Futsal is derived from the Spanish word "football sala" and can also be called miniature football played on indoor fields.

Compared to standard football, this game, where two teams of five players showcase their skills on a smaller field, highlights technical abilities, quick thinking skills and quick reflexes. Futsal offers football fans unforgettable moments by offering a stage where breathtaking movements, fluent passing game and kicks are expertly displayed. This exciting sport is passionately loved by athletes and spectators and has become an art with its competitive atmosphere.

In this article, What is Futsal? What are the Futsal Game Rules? topics were mentioned. Read on to learn Futsal Game Rules.

What is Futsal ?

Futsal, also known as Indoor Football, is a sport played by two teams of 5 players (1 goalkeeper) in an indoor arena on a rectangular parquet floor that is at least 25 meters wide and at least 42 meters long.

Futsal Field Dimensions

                                                             Futsal Field Dimensions

Futsal Penalty Area and Goal Dimensions                   

                                                                 Futsal Field Dimensions

What are the Futsal Game Rules?

In the Futsal game, there are 5 aces and 7 athletes in the reserves. The squad can consist of 12 athletes in total. Substitutions are unlimited. The goalkeeper can be replaced by any athlete. Substitution Areas are in front of the technical area and are 5 m long. It is marked from both ends with 80 cm long and 8 cm thick lines, 40 cm inside the playing field and 40 cm outside the playing field.

Futsal game is played in two 20-minute halves. If there is an extension, an additional 5 minutes. x 2 halves are played or the winner is determined by penalty shootout. Teams have the right to 1 break in each half and these breaks are 1 minute. Half time is 15 minutes. Time is stopped when the ball goes out. However, in some organizations such as school sports, time is not stopped, only 2 minutes before the end of the game in both halves.

What are the Futsal Game Rules ?


The futsal field is 42 meters long and 25 meters wide, and the midfield circle is 3 meters in diameter. Corner points are in the shape of a quarter circle with a diameter of 25 cm. The penalty area in front of the goals covers the area 6 meters away from the goal line. At the same time, penalty shots are made from a point 6 meters away from the goal. In indoor football, there is also a second penalty point located 10 meters away from the goal. In futsal, when the ball goes out, throw-ins are made with the foot within 4 seconds from where the ball comes out (opposing players cannot stand closer than 4 meters).

A goal cannot be scored directly from the kick-off. The ball enters play when it touches the ground during the referee's throw. Shoot-off Distance: 5 meters for all set balls

The team that will start the match starts from the midfield with the center kick. After each goal is scored, the game starts again with kick-off. If a serious foul is committed against the opponent inside the penalty area, this situation will be punished with a penalty.

What should the futsal ball feature be ?

The diameter of the ball used in the game is 64 cm and its weight is 440 grams. When the ball is dropped from a height of 2 meters, it bounces at least 50 cm and at most 65 cm on the first bounce. The bouncing feature has been reduced by 30% - 35%, and it is specific to futsal, making it suitable for playing the ball further off the ground.

What are the Futsal Game Rules ?


What are Futsal Goal Dimensions ?

Futsal goals are 3 meters long and 2 meters high.

Foul Rule in Futsal

The first 5 fouls committed by the teams in both periods are recorded. The opponent cannot make a jump-off on free throws made after the 6th foul. The player who will take the free kick can kick a goal directly into the goal, but cannot pass it to his teammate (from the 2nd penalty point, 10 meters away). If a player commits the mentioned fouls on the opponent's field or between the midfield line of his own half and the second penalty point, the shot will be taken from the 2nd Penalty point.

What is the Penalty System in Futsal ?

There is a caution and expulsion in futsal. The team of the expelled athlete plays with 1 player less for 2 minutes. If the missing team concedes a goal, the substitute player enters the game immediately. If both teams have missing but equal players, neither team can take a player after the goal.

Goalkeeper Rule in Futsal

Goalkeepers; (A goalkeeper cannot play the ball a second time in his own half of the field without the ball touching the opponent players. If the goalkeeper puts the ball into play (goal kick, throw-in, free kick, etc.), the goalkeeper is considered to have played the ball once and cannot touch the ball a second time in his own half. The goalkeeper can play the ball in his own half for a maximum of 4 seconds. The goalkeeper can play the ball in the opponent's half without any number or time limit.)

The ball that has gone out is put into play MANUALLY by the goalkeeper within 4 seconds. The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area. A goal cannot be scored directly with this shot by the goalkeeper.

How Many Referees Are There in Futsal ?

There are two referees who manage the match in the game, as well as a time referee and a third referee. The third referee and the timekeeper sit in line with the midfield line and to the side of the benches.

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