What are the Amputee Football Game Rules?

What are the Amputee Football Game Rules?

What is Amputee Football? Amputee football is a type of football played by disabled athletes who have lost their lower extremities or are disabled from birth. In this sport, players participate in the match using specially designed prosthetic feet.

What is an Amputee? The word amputee literally means the loss of a limb as a result of a congenital or acquired accident or disease.

What are the Amputee Football Rules ?

Playing Field and Equipment: Amputee football is played on a standard football field, but the field size is 60 meters long and 40 meters wide. The playing field must be covered with a smooth surface, the field boundaries can be specially covered.

Players use their healthy feet in the game. It is forbidden to hit the ball with an amputated foot or canedian. In such a case, the ball passes to the opposing team. If a defending player touches the ball with his amputated foot or canedian inside his own penalty area, a penalty shot is awarded. In amputee football, the penalty shot is made from a distance of 7 meters. One of the goalkeepers' arms must be amputated, and goalkeepers are prohibited from using their amputated hands.

Number of Players: Amputee football teams consist of 7 players, including the goalkeeper. Each team may also have substitute players. It can also be played with the minimum number of players, 5 people.

What are the Amputee Football Game Rules?


Playing Time: Amputee football matches are generally played in two halves and each half lasts 25 minutes. Teams have the right to 2 time-outs in each half. There is a 10-minute break during halftime. Match times may vary in some tournaments, so it is important to pay attention to the official tournament rules.

Laws of the Game: The rules of play for amputee football are similar to many aspects of the standard football rules established by FIFA. However, there are some special rules: It is played in an area marked with special border lines. These lines prevent players from leaving the field. The offside rule does not apply in amputee football. Throw-ins are taken with the feet. During the throw-in, the opposing player must be at least 6 meters away from the ball. Another rule is that it is forbidden to throw the ball directly into the opponent's penalty area from within the own penalty area.


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