What are the Softball Game Rules ?

                           What are the Softball Game Rules ?                               

What are the Softball Game Rules ?

Softball is a women's version of baseball. It is played on an area within the arc of two lines 70 meters long perpendicular to each other and the arc connecting these lines.

While softball generally has similarities with baseball, it also includes some differences. In the game, two teams try to hit a ball as far as possible and pass it between the opposing team's defenders. Each team alternates defensive and offensive duties on the field. Softball is a sport that highlights fast-paced movements, exciting game structure and team spirit. Tactics, hitting techniques and offensive strategies on the field require players to use their skills and abilities at the highest level. This sport is played both professionally in competitive leagues and amateurly for recreational purposes. Softball is an important sport where sports lovers come together and have a pleasant time, with its enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.


What are the Softball Game Rules ?

What are Softball Field Dimensions ?

It is played on an area within the arc of two lines 70 meters long perpendicular to each other and the arc connecting these lines. There are two fields: home and away. The home field is a square with a goal at each corner and its sides are 19 meters long. The area outside this square is considered the away field.

What are the Features of Softball Balls ?

A softball ball is softer than a baseball ball. The diameter of this ball is 30 cm and its weight is 178 grams. The length of the ball used to hit the ball is 86 cm.

How Many People Do Teams Consist of in Softball ?

In softball, teams consist of 9 people. While all 9 players on defense are on the field, there is only 1 player from the attacking team. The shooter is positioned in the middle of the infield, approximately 14 feet from the scoring square. The batter is in the home run and the catcher is behind the batter. Other players of the defense team serve as catchers in the bases and outfields.

How to Play Softball Game ?

In softball, the game begins with the pitcher throwing the ball. If the batter misses 3 times and cannot hit the ball, the batter is out of the game. The team whose kicker is out of the game loses the right to attack and a half is completed. If the batsman can hit the ball, he starts running towards the 1st goal, and the catchers try to catch the ball and deliver it to the goalkeepers. If the runner touches all the goals in order and reaches the goal goal before the ball returns, his team wins a point.

If the batsman thinks that he cannot reach the next wicket before the ball, he can choose to wait at the wicket he is in. Another teammate takes the batsman's place. If the batter manages to send the ball out of the field, this is called a home run. In the goal kick, the batsman easily touches 4 goals, the players who took places in the goals before him also participate in this round and as many points as each player are scored. In the softball game, the game ends at the end of 8 innings and the team with the most points in total wins.                         

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