What are the Bocce Petanque Rules ?

What are the Bocce Petanque Rules ?

What are the Bocce Petanque Rules?

Bocce Petanque Game Rules

Bocce is a popular ball game played between two teams. The aim of the game in petanque discipline is to get the teams' own balls as close to the target ball (pallino) as possible. The rules of the Bocce game are as follows:

Teams and Equipment: Bocce petanque game is played between two teams. Each team usually consists of two, three or four players, although the game can also be played individually between two players. The equipment used in the game includes 8 large balls (bocce) and a small target ball (pallino). The balls are usually made of metal and their sizes are 70-78 mm in diameter.

What are the Bocce Petanque Field Features?

Petanque discipline is generally practiced on a flat surface, such as soil, grass, gravel, etc. playable. The playing area is determined within a specific playing area or field. (According to the official game rules, the field size is (4mx15m). Players may use a pre-tossed coin or draw to determine their turn.

The game called "Bocce Petanque" involves mutual individual or team competitions between two athletes or teams. In the game, each athlete or player throws a certain number of balls. The number of balls thrown varies depending on the type of competition.

In individual competitions, both athletes throw 3 balls each in a game. In a two-person competition between two different teams, each athlete throws 3 balls. In a match between two teams of three players, each player throws 2 balls. There are 3 players in each team and 2 athletes in each team can also be on the reserves.

In school sports tournaments, two teams of three players usually compete. There are 3 players in each team and a total of 5 athletes can take part, including reserves.

The aim of the athletes in the "Bocce Petanque" game is to throw the metal balls to the nearest of the "pallino", which is a small target ball. While scoring, the distances of all thrown balls to the pallino are calculated. Scoring is done according to the ball positions between the teams.

What are the Bocce Petanque Rules ?

During scoring, firstly, 1 point is given to the ball of the team closest to the pallino. Then the opponent's closest ball is determined. If the team that has scored 1 point has extra balls that are better than the opponent's closest ball, the number of these balls is added to their points. For example, if the team that scores 1 point has 3 extra balls that are better than the opponent's closest ball, they will gain 4 points in total. Only one team can score points in each game.

Scoring is done by agreement between team captains. If necessary, a meter can be used for length measurement. In case of disagreement, a referee may be called and a measurement may be requested.

In the game, a team is considered to have won the match if it reaches 13 points.

Strategy and Tips: Strategy is very important in the bocce petanque discipline. Players can use tactics to block the opposing team's balls or put them in a difficult position with their shots. It is also important to set the correct speed, direction and power to throw the balls closest to the pallino. It is very important not to observe the opponent's shooting strategy; some athletes shoot well at long range, while others are better at close range.

In this way, we explained the rules and game flow of bocce and petanque games in detail. Understanding these rules and applying the strategy will make the game more enjoyable. Now it's your turn! Grab your teammates and enjoy bocce or petanque!

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